Wonderful Dog Art by Chrystal Cleary

Chrystal’s dog Sage loves to catch the disc.
All block prints by Chrystal Cleary

One of my coworkers, Jeff Cleary, forwarded a picture of a big bug to me the other day, because he knows I like that stuff. Because I’m nosy, I looked at the email addresses of the other folks he copied on the email, and I noticed that Jeff’s wife, Chrystal, has an address that ends chryscleary.com. “Hmn,” I thought. “I wonder what’s on her website?”

It turns out that her website is full of cool graphic art, much of it dog-related. This is not surprising, since Jeff and Chrystal dote on their dogs almost as much as they dote on their daughter. So I asked Chrystal to choose some pieces that we could put on the blog, and here’s her reply:

Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my work. I have been thinking a bit about what to share, and I decided to go with my dog block prints. Last year, I needed to raise money to build a non-see-thru fence for our yard, so as to minimize the visual exposure (and therefore stress levels) of my reactive dog, Sage, so I offered to make prints of people’s dogs. Here are some of the resulting pieces.

To see more of Chrystal’s work, visit her website.

Reilly, printed on birchbark. She is a forest-hiking wonder dog!

Himiko is a tough and beautiful girl, a Japanese Shikoku dog.

This is Meatloaf, a. k. a. “Loafy,” a cute black pug!

Ruby is a radiant little red pitbull.

Riley the boxer was described by her owner as a “Wiggle Bomb!”

The joy of the first snowflake for this pup!

Jill is a rescued dog from an animal shelter in Massachusetts. She is the best friend of
a young boy in Cambridge, and this print was a gift to him from his mom.

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