Cop Adopts Dog She Found in Abandoned House

Blatimore police officer Ashley Acord and her new best friend, Grayson.
Photo courtesy Baltimore Police Dept via

Longtime blog readers may remember the wonderful story about Baltimore police officer Dan Waskiewicz, who was honored for his compassion when he responded to a “vicious dog” call while on duty. Now comes news of another dog-loving Charm City cop going above and beyond the call of duty:

When a police officer stepped inside a central Baltimore house earlier this month, she found it abandoned. Well, almost abandoned.

The only soul inside the house was a dog tied to a doorknob.

But Officer Ashley Acord opened that door.

She rescued the poor dog, took it to the local shelter, and then—after no one claimed him—Officer Acord took him home. She really lives up to the motto to “serve and protect.” Brava!

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