Update on the Hero Police Officer Who Adopted a “Vicious” Pit Bull

Officer Dan Waskeiwicz and Rachael Ray discuss Bo’s new life.
Photo via rachaelrayshow.com

Last year, we posted the wonderful story of Officer Dan Waskeiwicz, who responded to a report of a vicious Pit Bull with compassion instead of aggression. At the time, Waskeiwicz was lauded as a hero, and he was even recognized with an award from the local Humane Society.

Last Thursday, Waskeiwicz appeared in a “Ray It Forward” segment on Rachel Ray’s morning show to tell his story and to offer an update. It’s amazing to see Bo now and to think that anyone could think that he was vicious. As Officer Waskeiwicz says, “I was actually looking for a dog, and it just turned out great that he found me.”

Click here to see the full video segment with Rachel Ray.

Officer Waskeiwicz’s treatment of Bo sets a great example for all first responders.
Photo via rachaelrayshow.com

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