Deaf, Blind Dog Kicked Out of Dog Park for Being Too Big

KCOY Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo – News

Here’s a story that would frustrate any dog owner. Thirteen-year-old Billy is blind and deaf, but he still enjoyed going to a local dog park in Orcutt, California. Woof Park displays a sign that allows “small and timid” dogs, but last week Billy was kicked out of the park by a park ranger for being too large. The dog’s owner, Marty Niles, says that Billy is too infirm to go to the big dogs park because he gets bullied by the other pups.

So Billy has become a dog without a park in his declining years, a time when all an owner wants is for the dog to have the highest quality of life possible in the time he has left. Surely there must be some solution that could please everybody.

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