Deaf Dog Finds Perfect Forever Home with a Deaf Boy

Here’s a beautiful story from outside Cleveland, about a deaf dog in need of a home and a deaf six-year-old boy who wanted a best friend. Zoey, a deaf Pit Bull, had languished in Berea Animal Rescue Shelter for six months, and no one who had met her was willing to adopt a deaf dog. But Courtney Gilliam saw a newspaper report on the dog and just had to meet her:

Breed aside, Gilliam said the first visit to see Zoey wasn’t especially promising. “She was very hyper the whole time. That was on Saturday. Then I went to see her on Wednesday and met with Amy, and she was a lot more mellow that day.”

Shortly afterward, Gilliam and her son brought Zoey to their home for a trial visit. That was about a month ago, and Zoey’s been there ever since. “We had a soft spot for her because she was deaf.”

Based on the video above, it looks as if Mike and Zoey are going to have a long, loving life together.

Click here for the full story.

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