Dennis the Dieting Dachshund is Healthy Again

Dennis hasn’t enjoyed his weight loss, but he sure loves being able to run and play outside.
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Dennis is a Miniature Dachshund who has undergone an incredible transformation in the year and a half since Brooke Burton “rescued” him from one of her relatives. At the time, Dennis was morbidly obese, weighing as much as five times more than he should have—an astonishing 56 pounds:

“Out comes Dennis, and I couldn’t believe it,” Burton says. “I wasn’t even sure what breed of dog he was supposed to be because he was so large.”

Thanks to Burton’s care, which includes a diet and lots of exercise, the 6-year-old Dennis is back to a healthy 12 pounds. That’s a mind-blowing loss of more than 75% of his previous weight! He has even required several surgeries to remove excess skin left over from the loss. Burton offers a valuable lesson that we should all take a moment to heed: “Food is not love.”

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In June 2013, Dennis weighed 56 pounds and could barely walk.
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