Developing Story: Facebook Photo of An Emaciated Puppy Causes Dog Lovers to Confront Owner

This is the photo that started a firestorm in South Florida.
Photo via Facebook

This is enough to make the blood boil. On Tuesday, a rescue group in South Florida called 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida posted the above photograph—of an emaciated Doberman puppy found chained in a backyard—to its Facebook page. The accompanying message read:

URGENT!!!! WE NEED YOU HELP!! CALL ANIMAL CONTROL NOW!! . . . Amy and Carol are waiting for the police and animal control to get there.. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

In a matter of hours, a group of dog lovers had assembled outside the house to see what they could do to save the dog. When the owner came out, group leader Amy Roman pleaded with him:

“I said, ‘please, let us take the dog. Do you need food? Let us take the dog, we’ll bring it to the hospital. We’re a rescue, we’ll get it a home,” she said

According to Roman, he responded, “It’s a dog, get off my F-ing property.”

Eventually, police and animal control arrived, but they say all they found was a thin dog who had food and water. The owners were issued a warning and that was that.

Click here for the full story on this first episode, including a video news report.

Under fire from irate dog lovers, Broward County Animal Control did return to the site on Wednesday and took the dog, a female named Duchess. This led to expressions of joy among those concerned about the dog’s welfare. However, all was not as it seemed.

Duchess was brought to a veterinarian, where she received a check up, as well as treatment for hookworms and some vaccinations. And then. . .she was returned to her owners.

Understandably, those who lobbied to save Duchess are distraught that she is back in the home where she was mistreated.

Click here for the updated story.

Amy Roman of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida was irate, posting this rant on the group’s Facebook page:

I woke up today furious I am sick to my stomach again and shaking!!!!! I realized this morning while I get ready for work that I paid for this criminal to have his property (Duchess) back. Animal control offered free vetting for the dog this criminal was abusing and returned it to the owner. In addition what a slap in the face it is to sit and watch all these lies. I watched the criminal talk on the news as he pretended to love this dog. He said Duchess was on a time out that is why she was chained outside. These are lies we have neighbors witnessing this dog shaking in the storms and enduring the heat. The police reported he had high quality food. WE GAVE HIM THAT FOOD SO HE WOULD FEED HIS EMACIATED DOG!!!!! I sit here shaking on the verge of tears. I go to work and pay my taxes to support this criminal so he can mistreat an animal an then given free vetting and handed back to him. I cant take it anymore I just cant. I don’t usually cry but today I am weeping. I am heart broken and outraged. this is what you get when you reach for help. I cant take it. god help us!!!!!

I’m betting that this is not the end of the story. See the 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida Facebook page for further updates.

11 thoughts on “Developing Story: Facebook Photo of An Emaciated Puppy Causes Dog Lovers to Confront Owner”

  1. NO, this can’t be!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be clear to any HUMAN BEING that this is not right………………..this dog needs help!!! BADLY!!!! Please, what can I do???????!!!!!! I want to help this poor defenseless puppy!!

  2. Someone needs to go out there with a chain cutter. And then check repeatedly to make sure this evil person never has another animal. If he does, get out the cameras and the chain cutters.

  3. The dog abuser was arrested on unrelated charges. Duchess has been rescued. But this happens all over the country. If you see an animal in a neglected situation, please speak up for them.

  4. I hope these owners rot in Hell when they die, their lies are pathetic and they deserve to never own another animal or even reproduce!!! And I hope they are reading this message as I hope that one day someone does the same to them as what they have done to this wonderful animal who gives nothing but unlimited love. Maybe then they will feel what starvation, being in the heat, and dying feels like. I hate piece of shit people like this and in my opinion they deserve the death penalty!!!

  5. 100+abandonded dogs of the everglades is a tough, smart group of rescuers that are growing daily with support.
    Please consider supporting them, too!! There is truth to the statement, strength by numbers. I have a real good feeling that they are going to make some changes in pet laws really happen!!!

  6. The parties in question were arrested, him on an outstanding warrant and her for battery on a police officer (I think). Anyway, the dogs are with Animal Care in quarantine and you can believe 100+ is keeping both eyes on this situation.

  7. 100+ are a wonderful group. The moral of this story is when you are fighting for those who cannot help themselves never give up. You can move mountains or in this case an indifferent bureaucracy!

  8. There is the possibility that these dogs could be returned to their “owners” (wish I could say caretakers) after trial if they are released. Let’s hope the media coverage is enough to make them reconsider returning these precious creatures to those animals on 2 legs. Thank you so much for reporting on this story.

  9. Please, please, please, post the owner’s address! Please!! My guess is that this horrible person will have quite a few visitors.

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