Disabled Man Sues McDonald’s Over His Treatment Because of a Service Dog

Robert Mingo says employees at McDonald’s twice resisted serving him because of his service dog, Max.
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A Minneapolis man who suffers from muscular dystrophy alleges in a lawsuit that he was twice confronted and humiliated when he tried to enter a McDonald’s franchise with his service dog. Robert Mingo is confined to a wheelchair, and his 4-year-old service dog—a Border Collie-Springer Spaniel mix named Max—offers viatl assistance with everything from opening doors to picking things up off the ground.

The descriptions of Mingo’s experiences outlined in the lawsuit are harrowing:

The manager then demanded documentation that Max is a service dog, but Mingo said the wheelchair was all the documentation that was needed.

“Fine, get your food and get out of here,” the manager said. “You can’t go in the dining area with the dog.”

To which Mingo responded, “The law says I can.”

“I am the manager here, and I am the law,” came the manager’s reply, which drew laughter from many customers.

I cannot wait for the day when these types of incidents are surprising. In our current climate, these examples of ignorance are far too common.

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