Do Some People Really Love Their Dogs More Than Their Partners?

This woman doesn’t hesitate to make her choice.

It’s a tough question for some: If you had to choose between your dog and your significant other, which one would get kicked to the curb? According to a recent poll, 38% of respondents picked the dog. Although, as one commenter wrote, “If women told the truth the number would be doubled or higher.”

“Our dogs are more than just pets. They are companions who provide emotional support and joy in our lives — much in the way a spouse is meant to,” Tina Vidal, president and pack leader at Pooch Perks, said in a news release. “So the fact that so many Americans would choose their dog over their partner may not come as a surprise to those of us who would do anything for our pup.”

What do you think? You can respond later, when your partner isn’t around, if you want to. . .

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