Does This Writer Get Dog Etiquette Right?

Written by: Phil Monahan

Leashes are important where dogs and strangers come in contact
Photo by Jennifer, Milford

Yesterday, the Arts and Entertainment website SFist (about San Francisco), took on an important topic during “Etiquette Week” in an article entitled “How To Be A Non-Despicable Dog Guardian.” The article is written in a salty/snarky tone (Warning: there’s a bit of profanity), but the advice seems in many places to be spot-on:

Exercise your dog before you get to the park, . . .and then get honest with yourself: if even then your dog can’t comport him or herself reasonably around other people or dogs, keep him or her on a leash. If that makes them even more aggressive (this sometimes happens), take them to a more open spot where they can run free without having to socialize.

The writers also take on such topics as businesses that refuse entry to pets, observing leash laws, and keeping your dog healthy.

So, tone and language aside, what do you think? Did they get things right?

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2 thoughts on “Does This Writer Get Dog Etiquette Right?

  1. chiprivers

    While I agree on most points…the tone is off-putting and gets in the way. Although it probably strengthens some points.


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