Video: Dog Groomer’s CPR Skills Save Pomeranian

When a Pomeranina named Scamp collapsed after his bath in an East Lansing, Michigan, pet store, Jammie Hooks put her medical training to work. She cradled the little dog like a baby and began chest compressions. She then calmly asked a co-worker to call a vet and Scamp’s owner, and drove the dog to the veterinary hospital. Luckily for Diane Hallisy, Scamp’s owner, Hooks spent 25 years as an EMT and medical technician before becoming a dog groomer. Her quick thinking surely saved the dog, who it turns out is suffering from congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart, for which he is now being treated.

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Do you know how to perform CPR on your dog if he or she should collapse? Check out the video below, which explains the process for larger dogs. For a text description, click here.

Diane Hallisy (L) is thankful for the quick thinking of groomer Jammie Hooks.

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