Loyal Dog Stands Guard Over Injured, Elderly Owner Through the Night

Written by: Phil Monahan

Crackers stood by Emma and fended off wildlife as she lay wounded overnight outside her home after a fall.
Photo: West Central Tribune

Yesterday we ran a story about a dog who refused to leave his owner’s grave. Today we have the story of a loyal boy that stood guard all night when his elderly owner fell outside her home and could not get back on her feet.

She repeatedly pressed a medical alert button on her wrist, but it didn’t seem to work, she said. She yelled and yelled, but no one heard her pleas.

The afternoon turned to dusk and soon the darkness descended.

Crackers stayed with her through it all, even when the unwelcome nighttime visitors arrived. Raccoons were the first to slink towards her. Crackers repeatedly chased them away. Some scampered up trees and watched her from branches; others disappeared into brush along a creek.

Next she heard a deer thump its hoof on the ground and snort an alert to its fawn as it nearly stumbled upon her.

That’s when she heard the yipping of the first coyotes and thought “Oh no, not them.’’ Crackers kept the ghost-like visitors away, chasing after the smaller ones.

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