Dog Makes Ultimate Sacrifice Saving Man from Alligator Attack

Precious showed her bravery and loyalty in the most profound way possible.
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A Florida man is grieving the loss of his beloved service dog, Precious, who gave her life protecting him from an alligator. Robert Lineburger was walking on the dock at the marina where he lives, in Labelle, Florida, when he was confronted by the hissing reptile. Precious, who was trained to help detect Lineburger’s seizures, recognized the danger and jumped between man and beast. As Lineberger watched in horror, his best friend gave her life for him. Now he’s trying to ensure that no one else has to suffer a similar fate.

Rest easy, brave girl.

Click here for the full story and a video report.

One thought on “Dog Makes Ultimate Sacrifice Saving Man from Alligator Attack”

  1. What a very brave dog. Rest in peace, Precious, and may God bless you always. Dogs are truly our best friends.

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