Dog Protects Lost Toddler During a Night in the Woods

When Brandi Mumaw realized that her two-year-old son Jakob and his beloved Yellow Lab, Chance, were missing late Tuesday afternoon from their Woodstock, Virginia home, she immediately called the police. She knew that night was falling and time was of the essence. After a harrowing night of searching, a bloodhound named Judge, handled by Deputy Chris Snyder, finally found the youngster and his dog at 4 a.m., about a half mile from home. Chance stayed by Jakob’s side the whole time, even though he would have heard Brandi calling his name.

I think that this is the third or fourth story we have posted about a dog staying with a lost child until help arrives. This isn’t coincidence; this is loyalty and love on display.

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Brandi Mumaw hugs Jakob, and she credits Chance with protecting the boy.
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