Hero Dog Saves Elderly Neighbor After a Bad Fall

Dog saves neighbor, 89, with broken hip

For the second day in a row, we have a great story of a dog helping a stricken human, bringing aid in time to save a life. Rob Jerry and his beautiful Great Dane, Sadie, were out for a walk in Sparta, Michigan, when Sadie refused to come. Instead, she remained at the bottom of a neighbor’s driveway, looking up the driveway and then back at Jerry. This was unlike her, so he investigated, discovering 89-year-old Albert Larson lying on the ground.

Larson had fallen and broken his hip and was unable to move. He had been there for so long that his clothes were freezing to the driveway. Had it not been for Sadie’s intervention, he might not have made it. As it was, he suffered bruising along his leg and shoulder, aside from the broken hip.

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