Dog Saves a Puppy from Vicious Coyote Attack

This is a great story about the bravery of a small dog who put her own life in danger to protect her little sister. Sophie, a seven-year-old Maltipoo, was playing in her San Diego back yard with Lulu, her seven-month-old sister, when a coyote attacked. From inside, the family heard a yelp, and when they ran outside, there was Sophie, standing between the coyote and the puppy.

The interloper ran off, but not before Sophie had suffered bites on her neck, shoulder, and side. Her family rushed her to a veterinary hospital, and she is recovering fine. Unfortunately, her family decided that it’s simply not safe, and they put the dogs up for adoption. Lulu has already found a forever home, but Sophie the Brave must wait until she’s fully fit before she can be adopted, too.

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Sophie suffered several bites, but her sister remained safe.

photo courtesy Fox5 San Diego

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