Dog Saves Woman from Carbon-Monoxide Poisoning

The Siekerts credit their Australian Border Collie, Abby, for saving a life.
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Here’s a remarkable story from Wisconsin that highlights both the dangers of carbon monoxide and the incredible loyalty of a dog. Last Month, Nicole Siekert felt very tired in her home, so she decided to take a nap. But for some reason, Abby, the family dog, wouldn’t let her sleep:

Feeling lethargic and foggy, Siekert decided to lie down after her daughters left for school. Abby couldn’t tell her owner the carbon monoxide detector was sounding in the basement, but the smart canine knew what to do. The 9-year-old dog continually stuck her black-going-gray muzzle underneath Nicole’s chin as she closed her eyes and tried to drift off.

Unbeknownst to Nicole, the house was filling up with deadly carbon monoxide. But Abby’s actions didn’t stop there. What she did next is what really saved Nicole’s life. . . .

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