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Playful dogs are happy, healthy dogs at any age. Fetching a ball, going for a walk, chasing a dream— being the dogs they were meant to be. Arthritis doesn’t have to be the end of living life to the fullest. Loving care makes all the difference. It begins with understanding and leads to solutions for a healthier, happier life.

But joint issues are a very common problem affecting more than 12 million dogs, especially older and large dogs. Morris Animal Foundation is part of a campaign to raise awareness about arthritis in dogs. Complete a short checklist to find out if your dog is at risk and $1 will be donated to MAF up to $5,000 and put MAF in the running for $25,000 to help.


Signs your dog may have arthritis. Does your dog…

  • hesitate to go up or down stairs?
  • tire easily during walks?
  • prefer to lie down instead of sit or stand?
  • seem stiff, like after resting?
  • whimper, growl or snap when touched?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to check with your vet to see if your dog is developing arthritis. It’s not uncommon for dogs to slow down a little with age— but only a little. Anything beyond that points to the immediate need for an orthopedic exam by your veterinarian. Don’t dismiss your dog’s symptoms as normal aging or you will be allowing your dog to suffer needlessly. Joint health pain and mobility problems can be effectively managed as a chronic disease. While joint health problems can’t be cured, you can help make your dog more comfortable using a variety of treatments. Dog owners have relied on medication to help control the problem, but research shows that nutrition, exercise, and physical rehabilitation can make a real difference for pets with joint pain.

Learn more about the campaign and complete the checklist. Find out more about The Morris Animal Foundation today.

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