Reading Your Dog’s Body Language

Here’s an interesting piece from certified professional dog trainer Sandra Kruczek about the importance of reading your dog’s body language. The part that caught our eye was in regards to the risk we run when we’re out and about with Fido. Krucazek says:

Asking permission to pet a dog we meet on the street is extremely important. However, many dog owners are rolling the dice when they say, “Sure, he’s just fine with strangers.” Not all “strangers” are acceptable to all dogs. It’s OK to say, “Not today,” to a friendly stranger’s request to pet your dog.

This blogger will admit to being guilty of the above scenario on both sides – allowing a stranger to pet my friendly pup, and asking to pet an irresistible stranger-dog. Of course, we know it is important to always look out for signs of our dog trying to tell us he is not comfortable: “turning his head away and averting his eyes from the approaching dog or person, blinking or possibly sniffing the ground and putting his ears back and yawning.”

Taking that into consideration, how many of you take the risk of allowing others to get some “dog therapy” from your furry friends? Read the full story here.

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