Number of Dogs in the Workplace on the Rise

Pups Cece and Reba take a morning romp-around break at the Orvis Home Office.
Photo by Simon Perkins

All of us here at Orvis Dogs have known about the calming and positive effects our pups have on our productivity for some time. Now it seems more and more employers across the country are figuring this out as well, and allowing dogs to accompany their humans to work.

According to a 2011/12 survey, three percent of all dog owners bring their ball of fur to work, triple the number from just five years earlier.

Allowing dogs in a workplace certainly does offer its own set of challenges. Some dogs may not behave quite as politely as others, there’s always the potential for a mess to be made, and there may be allergy sufferers who are affected by the flying fur. Different businesses have come up with different solutions to these problems, and Purina has even launched an entire site dedicated to the ins and outs of welcoming four-legged-friends to the office.

Does your workplace allow you to work alongside your pet? If so, tell us about the challenges and benefits. Oh, and remember – we welcome you AND your pup at Orvis retail stores.

Read the full story here.

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