Dogs of the Day: Daisy, Perri, and Colby

Perri, and Daisy, 2014
Photo by Lisa Grogan

Two years ago, Lisa and Mike Grogan of Baltimore, Maryland, sent us this adorable shot (above) of their two Yellow Labs—Perri, age 4, and Daisy, 7 weeks—sharing Daisy’s Orvis daisy-print dog bed. Yesterday, Lisa sent along another great shot (below) of Perri, Daisy, and their “baby” brother, Colby, sharing a new Orvis Deep Dish Dog Bed, which Lisa calls “the best dog bed EVER!!!” She goes on to say, “This bed has held up to everything!!! Friends (with two legs) will come over and want to sit in it because it is so comfortable!” As for the original daisy-print bed, it’s still going strong, but since one-year-old Colby weighs in at 110 lbs., something a bit larger was required.

Thanks to Lisa for sending along an update on her canine kids as well as this incredible testimonial.

Clockwise from top left, Perri, Daisy, and “baby” Colby, 2016
Photo by Lisa Grogan

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