DOJ Sues New York School to Support Girl’s Service Dog

Seven-year-old Devyn Pereira suffers from Angelman Syndrome; a combination of autism and epilepsy, and her service dog, Hannah, is a huge help. But Hannah’s local school district—Gates-Chili School District in Rochester, New York—has thrown up roadblocks to keep Hannah out of the school. Now the U.S. Department of Justice has stepped in on Devyn’s behalf, in an attempt to force the school to accomodate the service dog.

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Devyn needs Hannah by her side at all times.
Photo via facebook

One thought on “DOJ Sues New York School to Support Girl’s Service Dog”

  1. You. Know. You. Have. To play. Hardball
    Take. Away. There. Funding.
    That’s. Just. Disgusting
    That. A school. Who is suppose To. Be helping
    Kids. Is actually. Hiding. Behind. Some. Bullshit.! !!
    They should be. Ashamed. Of themselves.! !!!!!!

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