Edward the Amazing Service Dog Has Saved His Owner’s Life Many Times

Wendy Hilling owes her life to Edward, who can detect when she isn’t breathing.
Photo via dailymail.co.uk

Here’s an amazing story, from the Daily Mail, about an incredible service dog named Edward who cares for his owner in so many ways. Wendy Hilling suffers from epidermolysis bullosa recessive dystrophic, which is a debilitating skin condition that can also cause the throat to close. Aside from the many household chores Edward is able to accomplish—from unloading the dryer to undressing Hilling to handling money—the Golden Retriever can alert Hilling’s husband when she has stopped breathing. Edward even goes to the hospital with her when Hilling must be admitted.

Click here for the full story of this devoted, brilliant dog.

Below is a news story about Edward from 2009.

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