Essay: A Tribute to a Beloved Companion

Jalopnik is a website about automobiles, but yesterday columnist Jason Torchinsky dedicated his space to a fond remembrance of his dog, Virginia, who passed away over the weekend. It’s touching to hear how important she was to his daily life:

Virginia has been sleeping by my feet in my little office for just about every day I’ve been writing here at Jalopnik. There’s a noticeably dirty corner in here still that I’m not ready to clean just yet. Every dog owner believes their dog is special, and they’re all correct. Virginia was profoundly sweet, smart, and loving, and for the last half of her life she was blind, too.

The comments on the article mostly involve readers sharing their own stories about how special their dogs are. It’s a bittersweet, but ultimately uplifting read.

Click here for the full story.

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