Essay: Reflecting on a Year with a Rescue Dog

Albie the rescue dog sits by a window in the Zheutlin family’s living room, July 31.
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Here’s a wonderful story from the Christian Science Monitor in which the author reflects on his first year with Albie, a rescue dog. Before Peter Zheutlin found Albie, she was days from being euthanized, having been found wandering in Central Louisiana. How things have changed, for both dog and man:

Second, my capacity for loving an animal is far greater than I knew. When I look into those deep brown pools he has for eyes, when he cocks his head to one side as if to say “don’t go” when I leave the house, when he rolls over completely onto his back and rests his head in my lap – one way he says “belly rub, please” – I’m all his.

Click here for the full story.

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