Essay: What It’s Like to Adopt an Older Dog

Rufio is an eight-year-old Cocker Spaniel with a few problems.
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Here’s a great essay from the Indefinitely Wild site about the realities of adopting an older dog. Wes Siler and his his partner, Lara, recently adopted an eight-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Rufio from the No-Kill LA shelter. From the very first ride home from the shelter, Rufio proved to be less than easy, and the other dog in the household, Wiley, wasn’t too pleased having to share. But rough spots get patched over, and new challenges come up regularly. It’s a great read about the realities–wonderful and not-s-great–about rescuing a dog. I think you’ll agree with Siler’s ultimate lessons from the experience:

So is adopting an older dog worth it? Well, you’re asking me that after I just spent all night sitting awake, cradling a cocker spaniel with allergy-induced scratch attacks in my arms and trying to rock him to sleep while I didn’t get any. But I’m still going to give you an unqualified “yes.”

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One thought on “Essay: What It’s Like to Adopt an Older Dog”

  1. My three dogs are rescue. The newest one,
    Toby was 10 when he came to us. He spent
    from six months to then outside in Miami.
    A horrid life in the sweltering heat. He was
    filthy and matted. He is a goofy boy and
    plays like a puppy. Albeit a boney one.
    I can’t seem to fatten him up. But he is healthy.

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