Firefighters use Mouth-to-Nose to Save Family Dog

Firefighters give artificial respiration to a dog that was rescued from a house fire Tuesday. / Dan Young/Wausau Daily Herald

After writing earlier today about the gross mistreatement of dogs at the hands of an uncaring human being, it is nice to report on this great story out of Wisconsin where firefighters savedĀ a dog’s life and the cat’s life, too.

Dwight Borchardt said he opened doors on the second floor in an effort to find the family’s 7-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, Coda, and the family’s two cats, Lavender and Mocha. Heavy smoke forced him out of the home.

When firefighters arrived, they found Coda in a room where they believe the fire started, firefighter Jamie Giese said. The dog — likely in shock — was sitting in a rocking chair.

Coda was carried outside, and firefighters began to perform mouth-to-nose artificial respiration and placed an oxygen mask typically meant for humans over the dog’s nose. They also poured water on Coda’s fur to wash away soot from the smoke.

Giese and firefighter Jared Thompson both said they have no formal training in animal rescue.
“It was all improvised,” Giese said.

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