Enter to Win a FREE Dog Nest in Our “My First Puppy” Contest

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Enter to Win a FREE Orvis Dog Bed in our “My First Puppy Story” Contest. There is nothing like that first puppy. This week, we thought it would be fun to have a contest about it. Leave a story about your first puppy or dog in the comments section. Other visitors can then “like” your comment by clicking the “thumbs up” next to it. Encourage folks to vote. The most votes by next Monday, May 23 at 4 PM wins a FREE Orvis Dog Bed. Have fun!


81 thoughts on “Enter to Win a FREE Dog Nest in Our “My First Puppy” Contest”

  1. Well my first dog was a beagle named rosco.
    He was an amazing dog .
    One of my favorite things about him was that he would always fall asleep on the top of the couch and then roll of while sleeping being woken up with a thumb as he hit the floor
    He was also a smart dog after a few car rides he figured out how to open the windows with he paw!
    It got so bad we started calling child lock doggie lock.
    He loved the windows so Much in our car there was always a residue of dog snot left on the window
    My favorite memory though was shortly age ur we got him we had just moved to the country into a new house
    Well one night he got out without a lease on and took off running we chased him up and down our road trying to catch him
    This was the first time we meet our neighbors sit was 10 o’clock at night and we knock on our neighbors door asking then if we could run through their back yard
    The worst part of it was I had been outside on mocks when he started running which wouldn’t have been bad except we had two feet of snow so I was running through snow with sandels on
    We finally corned rosco against the neighbors snow bank and caught him they invited us in and we got the meet them.

    1. Hi I love puppy I will love to take good care of them I love puppy when I was 5 and now am 15 please can you give me a puppy please

    2. Hii i have 2 beautiful dogs one black Labrador and a german shepherd and i would like to add a another little guy to the family . i would love to have this puppy and this puppy would have the best life ever given .

    3. Please I need two puppy a pitbull and a Caucasian Shepherd please and I will give them they best live ever.

    4. Hi I would really love to win. My kids Connor and Nolan already have a dog but she needs a friend. We would take good care of them.

    5. Hi I would really love to win. My kids Connor and Nolan already have a dog but she needs a friend. We would take good care of them. Thanks.

    6. My dog name was kyra it was a playful dog one day we fumigated our house with sniper and it liked it and died iam so heart please i need another dog please help me

    7. I got my first puppy at a fruit market .
      We stopped by to buy a watermelon and seen these cute puppies for sale . I just fell in love with the poodle puppy . We bought him and how the way home I said I’m naming him Hoover .

  2. i would really want a dog i have wanted one ever sinse i was 3 and now im seven
    a dog is a girls best friend
    every time when i look at a puppy i think how it would be like having one

  3. I had a black Lab named Daisy at the time we also had a cat named Buddy Daisy did everything Buddy did well tried at least. One time Buddy jumped up on the counter and Daisy tried to do the same thing you should have seen it she did this for 30 minutes, then she got tired and took a nap right by the counter. As soon as she was sleep Buddy got down and took a nap to. Well we moved and a month later my mom put her outside on a leash and someone stole her, so I just wish I had another dog to love.

  4. I had a cute sweet dog his name was it is hard to pronounce but anyways I love the way would wake me Up in the morning to play with him and have fun he would enjoy car rides he enjoy everything I did for him like going to the beach to the store and travel I remember my dad was making a cement from and on accident my dog left his foot print on i wrote on the side I will never for get you ♡♡♡ but the something bad happened my neighbors dog killed my dog it was so sad that I started to cry but we took him the veteran but his wound was so bad that they could not of save him so he died and I was only t 5 years old when that happened and u I will never forget my dog . 🙁 🙁 ♡♡♡♡♡

  5. I would love a puppie again i had two but they got killed by two men who were going around killing fog in abervan

  6. My first puppy let me think well I guess I’ll have to start from the beginning, it was my seventh birthday and me and my family went out to a really fancy restaurant and they brought along a couple of birthday presents. I had opened all the presents except one, a sleek looking present with a pink bow. Honestly I had no idea what the heck it was, so when they said i could open this mysterious present I was a little more than eager to see what I got. When i opened it I was a little more than confused to see that It was a picture of my dad holding a white and brown fuzzball wiggling around. My dad explained that when I had gone on a play date they had gone to the farmers house and when they saw this fuzzy little puppy running around they knew she was perfect. I got to name her and i instantly knew she would be an Ashley. We had to wait till the end of the week to go get her that when I got to school I could not shut up about how I was gonna get a new puppy. When the time finally came to go pick her up and she gave me lots of kisses and we’ve been best friends ever since.Ashley is a springer spaniel and a wonderful dog. Please I encourage you to vote to for me because Ashley is getting lonely ever since my old dog Zoey died. I really think that Ashley could really use a new play buddy. And what better buddy than a puppy.

  7. I love dogs and puppies. I want try win puppy for my grandfather. His black lab die this pass winter.

  8. I love puppies but I don’t have any puppy so I want a story with my puppy so that’s why I m entering in this contest …….. So I would like to have a cute puppy………

  9. Hi I love puppiesbut my first dog died I cried for months but when I found this web site I thought I could get a new puppy and I would do d my next best friend.

  10. Hi I love puppiesbut my first dog died I cried for months but when I found this web site I thought I could get a new puppy and I would do d my next best friend.

  11. Hi I would like to enter in this contest because I love dogs but I cannot find the right dog for me so please can i win and my first dog died and I was crying for month’s

  12. I Am Getting A German Shepard For My 11 year old kid who is turning 12 so I want to get a free German shepherd puppy

  13. My first dog was a DALMATIAN named JUNIOR.My dog JUNIOR was a good dog.I walk him everyday morning at the park.And every time I get sick he always lay down beside me.And when I was away My grandma video chat me and when me and my granda was talking my dog JUNIOR heard my voie he ran to my grandma and looked at the phone and when my dog JUNIOR saw me at the phone he putted his paw at the screen of the phone.And when I came back from HAWAII me and my family went back to my grandama and my grandpa’s home and when my dog JUNIOR saw me he jumped over me and then when I said sit he sitted and raise up his paw.So time went by my dog JUNIOR became a FATHER to his Sons and Daughters.His wife was a Saluki.And every time I shout IT’S TIME TO EAT my dog JUNIOR and His PUPS and His Wife rans to their dog bowl.and when it’s time for bed my dog JUNIOR always comfort his wife and his pups.And when his pups grow and grow they still play with their DAD AND MOM.And sometimes when their pups got hurt My dog JUNIOR nd his Wife always licks the wound of their pups.(BASED FORM A TRUE STORY) (I AM NOT JOKING) (THIS IS FOR REAL) (CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE) (EVEN WHEN I’M ALIVE) (FOR THOSE WHO DO’T BELIEVE IT THEN DON’T BUT I AM CLEARLY AYING THE TRUTH) (THIS STORY STARTED ALONG TIME AGO WHEN I WAS 8)

  14. My first dog was a Pomeranian his name was champ and he was the best dog ever he comes when I’m sad he’s just best dog ever

  15. I’m now 10 and I really want a dog, I had one and died two years ago and I think if I get another if will help with the sadness. I love dogs so much. My first dogs name was Rocky he was a cockapoo. P.s a cocker spaniel and poodle mix. He jumped up on the couch and fall asleep and then he would sleep for 2 hours. I miss him.
    -The girl who wants a dog

  16. My first dog was a poodle I had him when i was a baby cinnamon bon I loved her so much but sadly we had to give her away we could not afford to keep her any more now that my family is has more money we are going to get another dog now please for the sake of cinnamon bun it is about to be her birthday and I think she would love us to be happy again since we have her away so my family needs that dog best please for cinnamon bun.

  17. My first dog i remembered was annie and rooie. annie was my first word i loved both of them very very much we always played together. i remember annie would bite me and i would bleed on my finger but she would kiss it and rooie would always bark when a cabinet was opened or a door was opened even if he was upstairs. but when i was about 5 annie past away i missed her very much but i still had rooie. as the years past by me and rooie bonded and i loved him. without him i couldnt live one day his back legs were parallized he took the medicine but it didnt work at all he had to be put down when i got the news i started balling my eyes out nothing could make me happy i still remeber him and still love him i might seem happy but deep down im as sad as sad can be i miss them both alot now my familly moved out of an apartment and we own 2 lovelly pups but i would love too call a pup my own i love you rooie and annie!!!!

  18. A dog makes the world seem brighter. My food tastes better, TV shows are better, and I am just all around happier. Dogs mean the world to me. I could be writing a long essay about this but it is just easier to say this: dogs are important. We should take care of them because they make everything amazing.

  19. I’ve always dreamt of having a dog i use to see when other people wil be playing with there dog since i was little i want my puppy’s name to be kaly if itz a girl nd i really want it to be a girl but if i don get de dog then itz fine i understand Thanks

  20. Sori i jxt want a dog so badly but can’t u guys do de contest for a dog pretty pls i jxt want a dog a best friend jxt do a contest for dog i wanna try nd win it

  21. Hi Orvis I have a dog called Jake who is a golden retriever he is a big friendly goofball but lately he has been down and we think he needs a friend he has the biggest heart and deserves a friend he is so caring and we have been looking for a dog for months please please please thank you

  22. i would love a puppy and are family would care for it and give it lots of its fav things and keep it healthy

  23. are family does not have a lot of money and we have been wanting a puppy for a long time we want a new family member and we dont care what breed it is we would love on it so much!

  24. I love this place and I love puppies that are tamed and my puppy was dying from cancer so we gave her away so please I need another puppy please like

  25. Hi, please I need a puppy, to show love , please I don’t care about the breed, male or female, please can you help to find one.

  26. Please I need two puppy a pitbull and a Caucasian Shepherd in particular please and I will give them they best live ever.

  27. hii im planning to get a golden retriever for my birthday!! btw my birthdays on November 11th! thank you so much fellows and ill see ya any time!

  28. My daughters sixteenth birthday is coming up we have had to move recently and she has not been taking it well she has no friends and just wants someone to be there for her recently she has told me that she really wants a dog and I told her if she found one with a reasonable price I’d get it for her I really hope you reach out to me soon

  29. I just lost my first puppy a white poodle toy poodle at the age of 18 it broke her heart we’re looking for another one and they’re just so expensive we can’t afford them but we really want one and he was the king of our house and we loved him so much my husband misses him everyday he’s disabled my husband in a wheelchair and that was his buddy

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