5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in Frigid Weather

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Although many dogs love snow, frigid winter temperatures require owners to be on guard for problems.

photo courtesy Tom, Arlington

The temperature reading on the dashboard of my car said 1 degree above zero this morning—cold enough for bundled-up humans, but what about dogs? Sure, they have fur, but dogs that have been bred as pets do not always have the protections against the cold that their wild ancestors enjoyed. The Detroit Dog Rescue has offered five tips top help dog owners ensure that their best friends stay safe when the mercury dips below zero:

Doggie Fitness & Relief—Dogs by nature love the outdoors. They love to play, rip, run, sniff and of course take potty breaks. However, during cold weather months pet owners need to pay more attention to the time spent outside. Pet owners should limit their dogs’ time outside to reduce exposure. When outdoors, dress your dog with an insulated vest, sweater and doggie boots to protect their paws and core.

The other four tips involve proper nutrition, providing adequate shelter outside, and protecting the pads of your dog’s feet.

Click here for all 5 tips.

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