Florida Dog Gets Cutest Mugshot Ever

This will go on her permanent record.
Photo via abcnews.go.com

When a police officer in Tarpon Springs, Florida, picked up a stray dog without any tags, he brought her to the police station to see if he could find her owners. Then the police dispatcher, Juanita O’Hara, came up with a cute idea for a Facebook post that might actually accomplish the task: she “booked” the dog, taking a mugshot and fingerprints, and then made the post.

Her ploy worked after the post was shared more than 380 times, and a member of a local rescue recognize “Willow.” She’s now with a foster, waiting for a forever home.

When asked why she went through the trouble of the Facebook post, the officer said, “she thought ‘it would be a smile to people’s faces’ during an ‘intense’ and turbulent time for police relations with the communities they serve.”

Bravo. Now, let’s hope Willow finds a forever home soon.

Click here for the full story and more photos.

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