Former NJ Mayor Throws Himself in Front of a Car to Save His Dog

Former Mayor of Pitman, New Jersey, Michael Batten put his life on the line.
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At a time when the public has a very low opinion of elected officials, here’s one former politician who deserves all the praise we can muster. Former mayor of Pitman, New Jersey, Michael Batten, was walking with his dog last week, when the pup broke free and ran into traffic. Batten did hesitate; he acted:

Johnson said Batten had been walking his dog down Laurel Avenue at about 4:15 p.m. when the dog broke free from its leash. Batten ran into traffic and “literally threw the dog back onto the curb,” Johnson said. He was struck by the car in the process. . . .Batten suffered five broken ribs and fractured vertebrae as a result of the impact.

Neighbors came to his aid and caught the dog, who was uninjured. Batten is recovering. Wouldn’t you like to vote for this guy if he runs again?

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One thought on “Former NJ Mayor Throws Himself in Front of a Car to Save His Dog”

  1. Hooray for Batten and his neighbors’ quick action!

    BTW, the all-important word “not” seems to have been dropped from this sentence in the story: “Batten did hesitate; he acted:” He most certainly did NOT hesitate.

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