Former Orvis Employee Rescues a Dog in the Arizona Desert. . .from a Hot-Air Balloon!

Last year, Jason and Tuanya Elkins, who both worked at Orvis, moved to Arizona to pursue their dream of running their ballooning company full-time. On Valentine’s Day, Jason was piloting his balloon, when he saw a stray dog running below. When the basket landed, Jason caught the dog and discovered that he was injured, having been shot several times with a high-powered BB gun. The Elkins family have decided to adopt the pooch, which they’ve named Chase, but he needs some serious veterinary care.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for gofundme page for Chase’s vet care.

Young Jackson Elkins looks pretty pleased with the family’s new pet.

2 thoughts on “Former Orvis Employee Rescues a Dog in the Arizona Desert. . .from a Hot-Air Balloon!”

  1. We need more people like the Elkins family. In P.R. we study English as a second language, so I apologize if my English is not the best. We as US citizens since 1898 study English in college but since we were a Spain colony until 1898 our language is Spanish. We have some volunteers here who are helping to take care of stray dogs and cats but still need mor helpful hands. Bravo for all amricans who respect and love aimals. lol

  2. I am in the Elkins family and it was really nice to rescue the dog and he plays and wrestles with our other dog Paisley he’s in perfect shape.

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