Former “World’s Ugliest Dog” Wins Hero Award

Mugly has been a champion before, for his looks. Now he’s being honored for his deeds.
Photo via facebook

Back in 2012, a Chinese Crested Dog named Mugly won the annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in California. But Mugly’s life story is much more interesting than that. Abandoned by a breeder in puppyhood, Mugly was raised in a loving forever home in England, where he went on to do great service:

Mugly served as a therapy dog for years, participating in reading programs for children and visiting adults with physical disabilities and learning challenges as part of a British organization, Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

He was recently honored by winning one of the Heroic Hounds Awards at the National Pet Show in London. Specifically, he was recognized for using is fame as an extremely ugly dog to raise money for charities and for helping others.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for Mugly’s facebook page.

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