German Authorities Offer Reprieve to Dog Who Serves as “Caretaker” for Disabled Boy

Tascha spends most of every day with Dylan, whose parents say that the dog calms him.
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Last week, authorities in Germany were calling for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tascha to be put down because she bit a neighbor’s dog in a curbside scuffle. Under breed-specific legislation, Staffies are classified as a fighting dog in the state of Brandenburg, where she lives, so because of the incident with the other dog, Tascha’s owners were told that she must move out or be euthanized.

But Tascha’s family fought the order, not only because they love their dog, but because they say she is the “chief carer” for their son, Dylan, who is in a coma. Dylan’s parents, Eckhard and Barbara, say that Tascha calms Dylan: “Whenever the dog is with him, our son responds . . . His breathing becomes quieter, his heart rate falls. That could only be because of this dog.”  

Tascha has been caring for Dylan for six years, going into his room every morning, pulling back his blanket with her teeth, licking his feet, and snuggling up to his face. She stays by his side all day long.

German dog lovers rallied to the cause, starting a Facebook page that now has more than 200,000 “Likes,” and starting a petition drive. And it worked! Authorities now say Dylan’s parents can de-register Tascha in Brandenburg and re-register her in Berlin, where Staffordshire Terriers are allowed. Tascha will also begin training to become a certified therapy and companion dog.

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  1. Dogs are some of the most incredible creatures on the planet. It really does seem like they are meant to be man’s best friend. Dogs are excellent companions that can become a member of the family. Also, they are great for protection, and can alert their family to trouble before humans would be aware. They make great members of rescue teams, and military and police units. It really is amazing all of the different roles that dogs can fit into from working on ranches to war zones, and even helping as service dogs for disabled citizens. I have no idea where our society would be without the help of man’s best friend.

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