German Dog Sport Helps Keep Working Dogs Sharp

A new sport for canines has been slowly growing in popularity since it was imported from Germany four years ago. Treiball (pronounced try-ball) is designed to keep dogs active, engage their brains, burn off excess energy, and serve as a substitute for herding actual animals. Here’s how it works:

Eight exercise balls are arranged in a triangle at center field. Depending on the age and size division of the dog, the canines have seven to 10 minutes — dogs 7 years and up get an extra two minutes — to “herd” them toward their handler and into a goal.

I’m sure that owners of overly active dogs can see immediately how this could be a great outlet for excess energy that might otherwise be channeled into bad behaviour, and those who live in places where exercising a dog is difficult could use Treiball as a good workout.

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Click here to visit the American Treibball Association website.

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