Good Samaritan Rescues Stray Dog and Her Puppies

Reyna the dog with, left, Melissa Hartley, owner of Sindar Kennel and professional canine behavioral consultant, Jackie Kane and Amy Luarca, right.
Photo via Aiken Standard

A South Carolina went the extra mile for a stray dog she found on the side of the road, eventually rescuing a litter of puppies, as well:

[Jackie Kane] was driving home one evening when she spotted a dog that was emaciated and had obviously been nursing. Dressed in heels and her work clothes, Kane grabbed some crackers from her car and attempted to coerce the dog to approach her. The dog walked up to Kane, took the crackers and let Kane pick her up. Kane placed her in her back seat and headed to the vet.

At the vet, it was discovered that the dog was lactating, so there had to be puppies somewhere. Kane was determined to find them. After 30 fruitless minutes of searching the woods near where the dog was found, Kane decided to let the mother lead her to the pups. . .

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