Graphic Artist Creates a Visual Ranking of Dog Breeds

Photo via Gizmodo

It takes a brave person to set out to rank dogs into categories such as “Inexplicitly overrated” and “Overlooked treasures,” but designer David McCandless has done just that in this infographic called “Best in Show: The ultimate data-dog.” What do you think of his assessments?

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One thought on “Graphic Artist Creates a Visual Ranking of Dog Breeds”

  1. Saw this on Facebook, love it. We have a Border Terrier and belong to the Border Terrier club of the Redwoods in California. That Borders are treasures and overlooked is an understatement. Borders are all dog, smartest, cutest, best pals, will walk for miles, they can be loud and therefore great watch dogs, playful, great with kids and other dogs, hardly ever need a bath, do need grooming (stripping) to look neat. But you never see them in pictures or magazines ads. Why not? I love that this ranking points at some of the lesser know qualities of some really good dogs, and vice versa. But to each his own. Just good to see the Border stand out.

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