Great Excerpt from Jon Katz’s New Book, The Second-Chance Dog: A Love Story

Jon Katz’s new book will be published next week.
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Beloved author Jon Katz—best known for his books on dogs, such as A Dog Year—has a new one coming on next week, and is offering a sneak-preview excerpt. The Second Chance Dog: A Love Story is described as “a wise, uplifting, and poignant memoir of finding love against all odds, and the power of second chances for both people and dogs.”

Katz, who lives just over the New York border from Orvis HQ, is well known for his love for and understanding of dogs and how they interact with people. His skill as a writer is what allows him to paint such vivid portraits. It’s really wonderful stuff. Here’a a taste:

I heard the barking as soon as I pulled into the gravel driveway of the sprawling old farmhouse on a country road about five miles from my farm. The noise was coming not from the house but from a barn behind it.

It was the deep-throated, door-rattling roar of the guard dog, and there was something undeniably frightening about it. A dog with a voice like that had to be huge and powerful. I had never heard a roar quite like it. None of my dogs ever barked in such a furious, almost panicked way. It was a bark to be taken seriously, very seriously, and I was reminded of the raptor in Jurassic Park busting out of its prison.

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One thought on “Great Excerpt from Jon Katz’s New Book, The Second-Chance Dog: A Love Story

  1. Love Jon Katz books, have read everyone of them. And when I loan them out, I make sure I have it returned to me. Best of luck with your new book. I will be sure to pick up your new book out. I have wondered what has happened to Jon Katz. Busy writing another book I suppose.

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