Group Helps Working Dogs Retire with Dignity

Nico would snuggle up with wounded Sgt. Calvin Aguilar in his hospital bed.
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We have posted many times about the amazing bravery displayed my military working dogs throughout the world, helping our servicemen and -women in many capacities. Dogs perform many similar functions as law-enforcement partners here in the U.S., as well. But we also know that what happens to these dogs after they retire is a real problem. Some even end up in shelters or kennels.

But a new charity called Mission K9 Rescue is working to find comfortable forever homes for working dogs of all kinds who have reached retirement age:

“These dogs have a right to a good retirement in a loving home,” said Kristen Maurer, 48, a Houston resident and co-founder of Mission K9 Rescue. “That’s what we do: Get them the right care, and get them to the right homes.”

In recent weeks, Mission K9 Rescue has helped arrange adoptions and transportation for a police K9 named Kash, a narcotics-detection dog named Teya and a contract working dog named Ivy who sniffed out explosives in Afghanistan.

A story on focuses on Sgt. Calvin Aguilar and Nico, who served together in Afghanistan, finding and clearing explosives. After they were both injured in an explosion, Nico could no longer work and was slated for decommisioning. Mission K9 Rescue helped reunite the pair in Texas, so that Nico, now just five years old, can live out his life in comfort with someone who loves him.

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  1. Awesome work that Mission K9 Rescue does. How terrific for canines and their handlers to be reunited – probably very beneficial for both the dog and the person.

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