Guess This Dog’s Breed for a Chance to Win a FleeceLock™ Futon Dog Bed

Toulouse has a beautiful coat and a sweet disposition.
Photos by Phil Monahan

Welcome to another edition of the Guess This Dog’s Breed contest. This is your chance to show off how much you know about the various kinds of dogs, or you’ll learn more about the dogs we love. Today’s dog is a sweet girl named Toulouse, whom I met in the park last night. She’s five months old.

If you think you know Toulouse’s breed (or if you’ve got a guess), put your answer in the comments below.

A winner will be chosen at random, from all the comments (right or wrong), and will receive an Orvis FleeceLock™ Futon Dog Bed for their favorite pup. We’ll post the correct answer and offer some information about the breed next week!

78 thoughts on “Guess This Dog’s Breed for a Chance to Win a FleeceLock™ Futon Dog Bed”

  1. Yeah, I guessed correctly and then looked at all the answers. We are all thinking the same. She sounds like that hamburger or dance from back in the day. Yep, the Leonberger.

  2. Toulouse is a Leonburger puppy. Our two rescued Catahoula mixes would enjoy sharing an Orvis bed. They look so awesome.

  3. She’s an adorable Leonberger puppy. I have two Leonbergers, my male is goi g to be 8, and my female will be 12, and they both love their Orvis couch bed! I know they would love another Orvis bed!

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