Video: Lost Dog Runs Half Marathon in Indiana

Boogie the dog had become an escape artist in recent weeks, and when he slipped his leash for the fourth time, his owner Jerry Butts could not find him. The next day, runners in the Evansville (Indiana) Half Marathon were amused when the Chocolate Labrador Retriever joined the race. Remarkably, Boogie ran almost the entire 13.1-mile course, the last part of it alongside runner Kim Arney: “I lost my race buddy about mile 4 or 5 and picked up a new one around mile 10,” Arney explained.

For his efforts, Boogie was awarded a medal, and then he was reunited with Butts, who plans to have the dog neutered and microchipped. Boogie’s story is somewhat reminiscent of the tale of the stray dog in China who traveled with a group of cyclists for more than 1,000 miles last year.

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Boogie sports his medal for completing the half marathon.
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