Here’s One “Vicious Dog” Report That Ends Happily

Sgt. Gary Carter is being praised for helping coax a homeless dog, which had frightened some residents walking downtown, off the street and into a patrol car so it could be taken to the animal shelter.
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A couple years ago, we posted the wonderful story of Officer Dan Waskiewicz, the Baltimore cop who responded to a “vicious dog” call with real compassion and ended up with a new best friend. Now comes a similar story from Arlington, Texas, where Sgt. Gary carter and his partner were flagged down by some people who said that they were being pursued by an “aggressive” white Pit Bull. One woman said, “This dog is so vicious, please get him.”

Carter, a dog lover, took these reports with a grain of salt, thank goodness:

Carter said the stray dog, who was wagging its tail and didn’t appear to be aggressive, ran away behind a nearby house as he tried to approach it. But then the dog immediately came running back to the officers as it was chased from that yard by a tiny chihuahua.

“He ran right to me, like ‘Help me, help me! This monster is going to eat me!’”

Carter said.Carter and Gibson coaxed the hungry and thirsty canine into a patrol car with a protein bar and some head scratches. Carter, a dog lover, also called a friend who rescues pit bulls and asked for help in finding the stray a loving home.

There’s even more great stuff in this story, including a very happy ending for the dog, so I encourage you to click the link below. We read all the time about police-dog confrontations that end very badly for the dog, so it’s wonderful to see a cop who really understands dog behavior and acts accordingly. Bravo Sergeant Carter!

Click here for the full story.

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