Hero “Cancer Dog” Saves Her First Life. . .Her Trainer

Daisy will sit by the urine sample that she detects has cancer.

photo courtesy telegraph.co.uk

Here’s an incredible story about how a dog learning to detect cancer ended up saving the life of the researcher who was training her. In 2009, Dr. Claire Guest was still teaching Daisy how to use her incredible nose to identify urine samples from people with cancer, when the dog began acting strangely:

“She kept jumping up on me,” she said. “One day she bumped into my chest with her nose. It was unusually sore, and there seemed to be a lump there. I had a fine needle biopsy, but it came back clear.”

After more unsettling behaviour from Daisy, Dr Guest had a core needle biopsy and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment and has since been given the all-clear.

“Had I not had Daisy’s early warning, I would have had a very poor prognosis,” she said. “I have my dog to thank for the fact that I’m standing here today.”

The story in The Telegraph describes how dogs first became involved in cancer detection and how more and more doctor’s are accepting the practice as a valuable diagnostic tool. Daisy, now 8 years old, is now a foremost cancer dog, able to detect the disease in patient’s uring, breath, or skin.

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The first person Daisy diagnosed was Dr Guest herself.

photo courtesy telegraph.co.uk

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