Hero German Shepherd Protects Toddler Lost in the Australian Bush

Dasher remained by the side of young Dante Berry, who spent a rainy night in some
bushes while his family and authorities searched for him.

photo courtesy theaustralian.com.au

A story in today’s The Australian describes a terrifying situation for a family whose two-year-old son disappeared from the front yard Tuesday night. With thunderstorms and rain in the area, it was not a good night for anyone, never mind a toddler, to be out in the elements. After 14 hours, searchers discovered young Dante Berry in some bushes, more than a mile from his home. At his side, watching over him, was the family dog, a German shepherd named Dasher.

“You could just imagine what was going through his little mind – lost (and) dark. Lucky he did have his dog to keep him warm overnight,” [Department of Sustainability and Environment tracker Will ]Hannah said.

Aside from being “grubby” and having some “prickles” in his bare feet, Dante was in good shape. Way to go, Dasher!

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Dante wandered more than a mile from his home in southeastern Australia.

photo courtesy theaustralian.com.au

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