Hero Hiker Carries Wounded Dog Down a Mountain

The Davis family with their new dog, Elijah.
Photo via lifewithdogs.tv

When Andi Davis came across a wounded Pit Bull that had been left to die in the Arizona mountains, she had just one thing on her mind: Getting the poor dog to a vet. She carried the 47-pound dog for an hour, stopping for breaks and for them both to have a drink, before she met up with her family.

When they got the dog to the veterinary hospital, their fears were confirmed, he had been shot in the neck. After surgery and a 72-hour waiting period to see if anyone would claim the dog, the Davis family was able to take home their new pet, whom they call Elijah.

What a remarkable story of bravery, strength, and dedication to ensuring that Elijah got help! Brava, Andi Davis!

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