Home Craft: How to Make Beautiful Dog-Paw Art

These artists used paw prints to create flowers.
Photos via Pinterest

Summertime is here, which means that kids—and sometimes adults—are often looking for fun projects to occupy their time. How about making art with your dog? There are lots of ways to do this, from painting to making Christmas ornaments that bake in the oven (not recommended for scorching days, of course). An article on Care.com offers “8 Easy Dog Paw Print Projects” that are meant to be done outside. Here are just a couple options:

  1. Family Hand Print Plank
    Get everyone in on the fun of creating this piece of artwork from Home. Made. Interest. Using a long piece of wood and some paint, you can showcase the prints of entire family — both the furry and human members. Write names under each hand or paw print for additional personalization.
  2. Framed Paw Prints
    For a simple and clean piece of artwork appropriate for any room in the house, try these framed prints from So Not Donna Reed. Experiment with different frame styles and paper backgrounds to get the perfect picture. If you have multiple fur babies, combine their prints on the same paper and write their names under each.

Another articl on ehow identifies “Safe Paints to Use for Making a Dog Paw Print.”

So put your buddy artist (and their buddies) to work, creating memories and fun. Of course, even if you don’t have kids, these can be fun projects to do with your pooch.

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