Incredible Rescue of “Shaggy,” with Eldad Hagar and a Team of Volunteers

Shaggy - a minute after we got to the hotel.

After years of living as a stray, Shaggy lived up to her name.

photo courtesy Hope for Paws

I have been waiting for the video of this amazing rescue to appear online, but a story in The Miami Herald today tells the whole story very well. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been frequently astounded by the work of Eldad Hagar, of Hope for Paws, as he rescues dogs around his home in Southern California. Manuela Schaefer, who lives in South Carolina, is also a fan, and when her efforts to capture a stray living in the woods failed, she called on Eldad for his help. So he flew across the country and, via social media, assembled a team of volunteers to get the job done.

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Hanging out with a friend

After a bath and a haircut, Shaggy hangs out with a new friend.

photo courtesy Hope for Paws

Shaggy - minutes after we got her.

A few minutes after the rescue, the team of volunteers posed with Shaggy.

photo courtesy Hope for Paws

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