How a Dog Saved My Life: A Prisoner’s Story

Here’s an incredibly moving story about how a program that brings dogs into prisons profoundly changed one man’s life. Candido Santiago was on a dangerous path, and the crushing lonliness of prison life threatened his very sense of self. But then he had a chance to participate in a dog-training program supported by an organization called Don’t Throw Us Away. The effects were astonishing and powerful:

These dogs always lent me a non-judgmental ear when I talked to them, which is hard to find in an environment like prison. They were the ultimate companions. Each dog I was responsible for provided me love, trust, confidence, and a purpose.

Candido tells his story, which is featured in a documentary called Dogs on the Inside, in moving detail on The Daily Beast website, and don’t miss the video below.

Click here for the full story.

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