Why Eric was late for work. (Hint: the puppy did it.)


Sophie seems very proud of herself for learning how to operate the door locks on her owner’s car. Eric can do little more than snap a photo of his tormenter.

photo by Eric Green

Eric Green, one of our Web content specialists who sits about 20 feet from me, was about an hour late for work today, and you won’t believe his excuse: the dog did it. Here’s his version of the story:

This morning, as I set out for one last morning stroll around the yard with my 4 month old puppy, Sophie, I decided that it would a good time to warm up my car. Since I was on the passenger side of the car, I simply opened the door and reached across the seat to start the ignition. Unbeknownst to me, as I was doing this, Sophie had climbed into the car, expecting to spend the day at the Orvis Home Office, I guess. As I closed the door to focus my attention on wrangling up Sophie, I realized that she was actually in the car, and had stepped on the auto-lock button—leaving me locked out of the car and her locked in. Since my house was also locked, and the key was on the keychain in my car’s ignition, I was none too thrilled to find myself such a predicament.

Worried about Sophie’s well being (since all the windows were up), I quickly called the State Police for advice on whom to call about my situation. After receiving a referral to a local locksmith, I called them only to find out that they didn’t open until 8:30—a full 45 minutes after Sophie had stepped into the car. After several failed attempts to break into my own car, I was able to get through to the locksmith. Finally, at about 9 a.m., he arrived and had the door opened in less than five minutes.

A relieved puppy quickly exited the vehicle and went straight to our pond for a quick drink of water. Hastily, I loaded her back in to the vehicle, and her desire to spend the day with me at Orvis was granted.

What do you think? Should we believe him? Has your dog ever put you in such a pickle?

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