Woman Rescues Dog Shot and Abandoned on the Highway

Sis and her puppies are now safe in a loving home.
Photo via nydailynews.com

Beth Stenberg had noticed a female dog frolicking alone along Interstate 15 between the towns of Fort Hall and Blackfoot, in eastern Idaho, several times. But, this time, the dog was lying sprawled and wounded in the grass, so she called the state police for help. When they got the dog to the vet, they discovered two things: the dog was pregnant and she had been shot:

“For the extent of her injuries she never once tried to nip at us,” said Rantala, who noted the had dog sustained wounds from a kind of varmint ammunition less than 24 hours earlier. “She seemed to have an understanding that we were there to help her. She was a sweetheart from the get-go.”

And that’s why Stenbeerg and her family have adopted the pooch, whom they now call Sis.

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